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The primary objective of the Clean Earth Trust is to limit negative human impact on the environment.

The Trust oversees several social and environmental initiatives.

The Repair Cafe and Toy Hospital

The Repair Cafe and Toy Hospital seeks to change social perceptions of what is “rubbish.”  Pop Up Repair Cafes encourage skill sharing within communities, and seek to inspire change in consumer behaviours.

The Repair Cafe seeks to change social perceptions of what is “rubbish.”  We need to tackle the amount of repairable items being sent for recycling, incinerators and landfill, which is a waste of resources and incurs a higher carbon footprint than repair and reuse.

The Repair Café aims to tackle rampant consumerism, address mental health issues and improve social cohesion. Skilled volunteers guide the public User through the steps for the basic repair of their own goods thus empowering them to fix things on their own in the future.  We hope to ensure the transfer of skills between generations and reduce loneliness in older members of our community as well as generating a renewed sense of purpose.

If the repair job needed is beyond the remit of the Repair Café, the user will be pointed towards further information sources, or referred to an expert.

The Repair Cafe will run as a series of evening and weekend pop up events in various host locations throughout 2020. We hope the Café will expand, and ultimately we plan to secure a permanent premises.

We need volunteers, materials and host venues for the Repair Cafe and Toy Hospital.

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Our calendar is not quite ready to publish online, so please follow our Facebook Page for regular updates.

Pick it Up Guernsey

Pick it up Guernsey tackles littering by organising public “wombling” events and community & corporate partnerships; including the Litter Picker Lending Scheme, Le Poket, Womble 52, beach cleans and local World No Tobacco Days.

In keeping with our ethos of seeking out synergies, we have put litter pickers into libraries so that people can borrow them as they would a book. We started with five in the Guille-Alles Library and the scheme has proved so popular that we now have 25 pickers there, and a further 5 in the Priaulx Library with plans to add more. Libraries have the infrastructure to lend and store the kit and in return we can drive traffic to them and raise their profile on social media platforms.

We have also put litter pickers into a number of beach kiosks and plan to expand to as many kiosks as we can to cover the whole coastline.  Some kiosks have taken the initiative to offer a free ice cream to anyone who collects a bucket full of rubbish during their visit to the beach.

Le “Poket” is a cardboard sleeve which seamlessly slides over the base of a packet of cigarettes. A cigarette butt can be safely extinguished when stored inside Le Poket, as it is starved of oxygen. Manufactured by a French company, Le Poket is a cardboard design, printed with vegetable inks.

Using an initial gift from the Co-op’s Eco-fund, Pick it Up Guernsey purchased 7,500 pocket ashtrays printed up especially for Guernsey with the message “Guernsey is not an ashtray” to encourage better behaviour amongst smokers.

We are selling these on at cost price of 25p per unit to ensure that we have funds to re-invest in purchasing more Pokets and potentially other pocket ashtray options.

Womble 52 is an initiative which aims to ensure that there is always somebody holding the baton for wombling in Guernsey. We want to recruit 52 businesses, sports clubs or other organisations to sign up for a week of wombling events. There is no strict regime and participants are encouraged to organise events in their preferred location, and to take on as much or as little as is appropriate to the size and scale of the organisation.

Businesses who sign up to Womble 52 are welcome to stand our mascot Daisy in their Reception or Clubhouse for the week. Daisy is a shop mannequin dressed in wombling kit, and a great photo opportunity for social media and a way for us to increase brand awareness for the trust at no cost.

At a time when world attention focuses on health, we are challenging the whole Bailiwick to collect 60,000 cigarette butts in a single day on 31st May each year. Not only does this represent a cigarette butt per person, but shipping more than 20kg of cigarette butts would require a toxic waste permit.

World No Tobacco Day has become an annual event in the Clean Earth Trust calendar, and brings all walks of life together to tackle a common environmental problem. In 2019, we set up a display of approximately 75,000 cigarette butts in front of the Visitor Information Centre and received a lot of interest from cruise ship visitors to the island, who stated they would like to see a similar initiative in their home town.

We would like to increase awareness and involvement from all walks of life including schools, groups such as the scouts and businesses. This is a very labour intensive process as we have found that targeted marketing is most effective.

Our calendar is not quite ready to publish online, so please follow our facebook and twitter pages for regular updates.

The 4.5 Trillion Project

Cigarette butts are the most commonly littered item in the world.  An estimated 4.5 trillion are littered every year, which is enough to stretch to the moon 25 times a month.  

We are challenging the world to pick up 4.5 trillion butts.

Many people believe that cigarettes are simply made of paper; but they contain a single use plastic called “cellulose acetate.” They take up to 15 years to break down into micro-plastics in the environment. Cigarette butts are radioactive and toxic: containing around 7,000 chemicals, and are lethal to marine life and hamper plant growth.

Birds have started using cigarette butts for their antibacterial and antifungal properties causing chromosomal abnormalities in chicks.

The tobacco industry has been called “fraudulent” by the World Health Organisation, and the National Geographic has posed the question as to whether cigarettes should be banned; not just because of the effect they have on marine and natural environments but because of the associated damages caused by land clearance for growing tobacco.

In a time of walls, where people disown environmental problems; the 4.5 Trillion Project aims to build bridges.  Using micro actions, we can provide a macro solution.  The 4.5 Trillion Project questions traditional responses to a social problem; society often attempts to solve problems by throwing money and resources at them.  Instead, we seek to utilise the untapped resource of people, simply moving about their daily lives.  Ants can move mountains.

We see huge potential benefit to Guernsey not only in the immediate expedient of reducing cigarette litter, but in inspiring all sectors of our community (especially the youth) to believe that small as we may be we can make a huge difference.  We see many potential upsides to Guernsey in having an international leadership profile in this area.

Click below to watch the 4.5 Trillion documentary trailer or visit the 4.5 Trillion website.



The Clean Earth Trust has been working with award winning film director Lucas Jedzrejak to produce a documentary using the story of Pick It Up Guernsey and tracking its trials and tribulations to showcase the wonderful community spirit which exists on our island.

The Clean Earth Trust has been working with award winning film director Lucas Jedzrejak to produce a documentary using the story of Pick It Up Guernsey, to showcase the wonderful community spirit which exists on our island.

We plan to take the documentary around the world’s independent film festivals and spread the message as widely as possible in order to attract funding, and encourage behavioural change amongst other communities and consumers. At a time where Guernsey Green Finance is seeking to establish Guernsey as a world leader in this area we see multiple possible benefits for Guernsey from this international exposure in addition to the good it might do for other communities around the world.

Click below to watch the trailer.

About the Clean Earth Trust

The Clean Earth Trust’s primary objective is to limit human impact on the environment. The Clean Earth Trust was registered as a charity in Guernsey in 2018. It has established a large number of initiatives which aim to tackle environmental issues ranging from tackling cigarette and other litter to encouraging a culture of repair and reuse.The Clean Earth Trust engages with different sectors of the community, and attracts both corporate and public support as our values mirror growing environmental concerns amongst human consciousness.The Clean Earth Trust has undergone explosive growth in its short life to date and harbours global ambitions. We recently won the Community Foundation Innovation Award; and we are very active in local media.

Andrew Munro | Chairman

Andrew Munro established The Clean Earth Trust which was registered as a Guernsey charity in July 2018 and acts as the Founding Chairman.  His passion for all things environmental comes from growing up in Africa coupled with concern at what he has witnessed in Western consumerism since moving to Europe and a desire to protect the world for his children. With many years’ experience as a corporate lawyer and director of regulated and listed businesses Andrew is able to bring a project and deadline driven approach to his passion for the environment.


Fran Browning | Trustee

Fran joined the Clean Earth Trust as a Trustee in the Spring of 2019.  Fran feels a sense of urgency to act on pollution because of her interest in ornithology. She joined Andrew for World No Tobacco Day and spent a day collecting cigarette butts around the Bridge and Bordeaux; collecting 4,500 in just 8 hours. As a Business and Compliance Manager in the recycling  industry; Fran brings organisation and a good understanding of policies and governance to the Charity, as well as knowledge of recycling processes in Guernsey and the UK, and sustainable supply chains.


Laura Bampton | Trustee

Laura joined The Clean Earth Trust in the Summer of 2019. Laura is the Secretary of the La Société Guernesiaise’s Marine Biology Section and first met Fran and Andrew when they teamed up to organise and run various public beach cleaning events. La Société has been running public beach cleaning events since 2018; usually 1 per quarter as well as the Big Beach Clean Weekends in January and September.  Laura submits statistics from the event to the Marine Conservation Society UK. Laura brings a great understanding of conservation and marine ecology to the Clean Earth Trust; and a flair for events organisation and social media. Laura has access to a great network of passionate conservationists and environmental scientists (amateur and professional) who support our cause.

The Clean Earth Trust organises various events under the different initiatives brands. Our calendar is  not quite ready to publish online –  soplease check the respective social media pages for updates. Alternatively, please get in touch with us if you would like help organising an event for your business, group or school.

Please contact us via  email at or by calling 07781 400426.


We are seeking a sponsor for an art installation in a prominent location in St Peter Port, which will coincide with World Ocean’s Day on the 8th June 2020.
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We need volunteers, materials and host venues for the Repair Cafe and Toy Hospital.
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The Clean Earth Trust | Registered Charity No. CH592 

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